Pet Care

Primary health care options:

Vaccination, deworming, heartworm prevention, geriatric health plan, desexing, antiparasitics, deticking, medicated washes.

**NEW** equipment:
- digital radiology machine
- blood biochemistry analyser:

digital radiology machine
Digital Radiology Machine

blood biochemistry analyser
Blood Biochemistry Analyser


We also offer:

  • hospitalisation facilities where your pets can be warded for treatment
  • ultrasonic dental scaling and polishing
  • in house urine analysis and blood testing. We also carry a wide range of test kits used in diagnosing specific viral/bacterial/parasitic infections
  • x-ray and ultrasound imaging

Xray Suite

Xray Suite


  • isolation kennels


Isolation Kennels


Animals under treatment:


Dog covered in ticks


Cat with the nasogastric feeding tube


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